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Become a Member of the Oldest Civil Rights Organization in the Country.
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To become a member of the NAACP: Contact a local NAACP Unit or NAACP Tri-State Conference at (801) 250-5088 or email Your membership will be directed to the NAACP Unit nearest to your mailing address.
Membership payments can be mailed to:
P.O. Box 26622
Salt Lake City, UT  84126-0622

Regular Adult Membership (includes a 1-year Crisis Magazine) $30.00
Youth with Crisis (ages 20 and under) $15.00
Youth without Crisis (ages 17 and under) $10.00

Additional membership types available. Some of which are prerequisite. Visit our National Website
Jeanetta Williams
Memberships are the Life Blood of our association

Join online and give Branch affiliation at 
A portion of membership payments are passed on to the NAACP National Organization and these payments are tax deductible. Example: A $30.00 adult membership, the tax deductible amount is $11.85.
We depend on our members generosity to insure the NAACP's independence. We depend on you to keep the flames of freedom burning bright!
Since the founding of the NAACP in 1909, we have fought battles for equality. We have had members die while fighting for the civil rights of everyone. Some names you may know and others, you may have never heard of. Yet, they believed in the struggle.